Applause Alumni


'As an aspiring actor, Applause gave me boundless amounts of experience and taught me far more about stagecraft than any drama class at school could. I left Applause with a greater love for acting and lifelong friends.' If you need to say what I'm up to now, I guess you could say that I graduated from RADA in 2020. Since then, I've appeared in shows in London theatres as lending my voice to BBC Radio 4. I've also worked for Wind-Up Penguin. A charity that focuses on bringing theatre and music to slums and orphanages in 3rd world countries.


“My time at Applause led me to pursue a career in acting, I have many fond memories being with the company. Applause undoubtedly had a profound impact on me. I went from a shy 10 year old boy in an ensemble to where I am now, acting in productions for the BBC” What I’m doing now: - ‘Everything I Know About Love’ playing ‘Samuel’ - BBC - ‘Doctors’ (season 23) playing ‘Tom’ - BBC
I was a member of Applause for 8 years, from the age of 10, and loved every minute of it. I hadn't really done much performance before, but I feel that social atmosphere there helped my gain confidence. The musicals were my favourite shows, probably because we had large ensemble numbers with the whole company. I'm not much of a singer or dancer, but Applause is very inclusive and gets everyone involved. And now I'm less Jersey Boys and more Jersey in the Channel Islands, as a junior doctor.


I joined Applause when I was 7, firstly performing in ‘Annie Get Your Gun’. I instantly loved being on stage, not only from the professionalism of the theatre, the costume, lights and the audience but I remember feeling at home straight away and feeling part of a community which soon turned to family. Starting out as one of the younger kids, I remember being constantly in ore of those older than me and really seeing them as role models. That is one of the main parts that makes Applause so special, being surrounded by all age groups, especially during the variety shows and Musicals directed by Morag and being part of a big family experience during rehearsals and at shows. Growing up, applause gave me the confidence that I have today to perform in front of large audiences and to have that chance to express myself through theatre. One of the main things that stood out for me being at applause for 9 years was the sense of belonging that I felt from the unconditional support given by both Morag, David and the rest of the company. Not only does Applause offer a chance to be a part of musical and variety shows, but also explores more serious plays chosen and directed my David. The variety in theatre throughout the years has been truly amazing and has allowed me to really find my passion in performing. My fondest memories of Applause will always be the final curtain drop on the last night and feeling the love and support of the company buzzing backstage. Applause has been a massive part of my childhood and I will always be grateful for being given these memories and experiences. Whether or not you want to become an actor or to be part of this industry, the confidence that it has given me and the fun I had along the way, will always treasured and remembered. After leaving Applause with the skills and my passion for performing, I am now continuing my journey at Hurtwood House where I will hopefully go on to train and find a career in the performing arts industry, which I believe has been from the inspiration given to me by my time at Applause.


Applause was the start of my love for performing and theatre, it was my favourite day of the week as a kid! I went on to study Drama and Performing Arts at Godalming College and then Music Theatre at the University of Falmouth. I currently perform in a band as the lead singer at local events in and around Surrey.


My time at Applause was incredible as a young guy with a love of performing, from introducing me to brilliant playwrights like Patrick Marber (The Musicians) to musicals that still make me bop such as Annie (Gussie Her Up indeed!!!) and in forcing my size 10’s into a box-step that I was able to do with some success… by the end of my time with Applause six years later! At Applause I met so many friends and made so many memories, I truly am thankful for every minute spent there!


Applause was a massive part of growing up for me, the amazing chaos of the shows and that feeling of being part of a family on and off the stage is something I’ll never forget. So proud of everything we were a part of together, and would encourage anyone to join in if they have the chance to! I’m now at university studying medicine, but applause has given me the confidence to join drama and singing societies at uni which i absolutely love ❤️


When I joined Applause Youth Theatre Company at age 12, I already knew I wanted to be an actor but the passion I found amongst that wonderful group of people meant that dream would never die. I was a part of Applause for my entire teenage life and looking back now, the acting experience I gained from the countless theatre productions, of such varying types, was invaluable and I would not be where I am now without it. Every day that I walk onto stage or into the rehearsal room or into the studio or onto set, I am using the knowledge I gained from Applause; knowledge about everything from working under directors, to acting opposite people of varying ages and experience, to the knowledge of simply how to act. These are all skills that I am constantly building on but the foundations gained from Applause have allowed me to work with fantastic companies on theatre productions across the country, countless short films including multi-award winning festival submissions, and feature films created in partnership with major companies such as Odeon. I will always look back fondly at my time at Applause for teaching me these skills without me even knowing, because I was having too much fun with people who became my lifelong friends.


"Hi I’m Jess! I went to Applause for 8 years! I absolutely loved my time at Applause, performing in many musicals and competing in drama festivals- it really was such a family that you didn’t want to leave! I then went onto go to Hurtwood House, then to Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts (BA). My first job out of drama school was ‘42nd Street’ in London’s West End for a year and then to Lead singer on Andrew Lloyd Webber’s European Tour for five months! I often come back to Applause to teach and co-direct the musicals!"


I was lucky enough to start Applause from the beginning when I was around 9 years old and I was there until I was 16. Applause helped me gain confidence with building new friendships and relationships as well as developing my acting and singing skills massively. I only had a dance background and Applause was a place I felt comfortable to try new things and I fell in love with musical theatre. I loved the family feel and made some amazing friends. We put on regular shows from variety shows to musicals to plays; always something new and different which develops so many skills whilst having so much fun! We competed in (and won😉!) many festivals together from Leatherhead festival all the way down to Chichester festival! I have since gone on to study Dance at The Brit School, and Musical Theatre at The Centre PAC before going on to perform professionally. I have performed in a variety of UK pantomimes and Independent UK tours such as Aladdin. Other credits include music videos for artists such as Little Mix. I have also had the luxury of performing and living abroad for a variety of companies in places such as Marrakesh and Crete. I have so many amazing memories which have not only shaped me into the performer I am today, but also the person!


'Applause is one of the main reasons I had the courage to audition for Drama School and am now training in Acting doing what I love. I really feel that my 6 Years at applause spending time with people that encouraged my passion for theatre and who nurtured my confidence, has shaped the way I am today and I am very grateful for that experience. I just absolutely loved it.' 'In September 2022, I will be starting the Acting BA Hons training at Italia Conti and have just completed the Acting CertHE also at Italia Conti.'


" At the moment, I am in my final year of uni at Leeds doing English and Film. For my quote: 'Applause was such a fundamental and brilliant part of my childhood. The experience of rehearsing and doing different shows is something I remember with great warmth. I always felt supported in doing whatever I felt comfortable with whilst at the same time being encouraged to break out of this comfort zone, learn new things and grow as a person. I think having it as part of my life whilst I was growing up made me a more confident and self-assured person. I also met a lot of amazing people during my time there!"